Flood Damage

Flood Damage Can Be Traumatic, Your Flood Damage Clean Up Shouldn’t Be. 

Flood damage can be a stressful event, that is why we have trained professionals that will guide you through the process of insurance claims, clean-up and restoration so that you can rest assured.

Mother Nature Is Unpredictable.

Restore Is Not.  

The last thing you expect is to wake up one morning after a severe storm, walk into your basement, and be faced with flood water all over your home.

We understand the feeling and have prepared to tackle your flood damage swiftly and efficiently.

Flood damage is often more severe than general water damage, therefore, its insurance claim process, clean up, and restoration requires a more specific and methodical approach.

You need a flood damage clean-up and restoration company that understands the difference, so your property is restored quickly and efficiently.

Flooding requires immediate action to protect your property and ensure your home or business can be restored to its original state with minimal damage or disruption to your life.

You can trust our responsive and trained technicians to immediately address your flooding emergencies and help prevent long-term damage to your property and possessions. 

Restore Flood Damage Clean-up and Restoration Services Are Tailored to Your Specific Needs 

We have created a simple yet methodical process to ensure your flood-damaged property is cleaned up and restored to your satisfaction. Here is what your experience with Restore will look like: 

1. Schedule Immediate Inspection 
  • We recommend inspecting your flood-damaged property within the day if possible. 
2. Inspector Will Assess Damage
  • We will take moisture readings 
  • We will take pictures of damaged areas and document the extent of damage 
  • We will share our findings with you 
  • We will then present you with your options  
  • Once you have executed a service contract we then proceed with more invasive readings, which may involve poking through drywall or other materials that are wet 
3. Team Will Arrive to Start the Flood Damage Clean-up Process
  • We extract any standing or excess water 
  • We will remove all affected material, including drywall, carpet, padding, trim, etc.  Clean and disinfect the area and set dehumidifiers and fans. 
  • After cleaning, the dehumidifiers and fans will be set, and daily readings are taken until levels reach a “dry-standard” set at the beginning 
4. Restoration Process Begins
  • After the area is dry, the inspector will review areas with you that require restoration such as new drywall, carpet, flooring, etc. 
  • Our inspector will present you with options and create a new contract for the restoration portion of the project. 
  • Once you have executed the restoration contract our restoration team will begin work to restore your property to its original condition. 

Why Choose Restore?

Not all flood damage clean-up and restoration companies are created equal. You expect the best when disaster strikes and Restore has the history, experience, and expertise you need.